Get assigned user properties in a claim

I need the client credential flow because I am doing machine to machine interaction.

I found out I can link an user to an ‘client credentials’ application.

Then when I call the token endpoint with client credentials, I would like to have some information to which this application has been assigned.

I read that this can be done by using claims. Now my question is, how do I get the properties of the user that is assigned to my app.

I checked but could not find any function that does what I am looking for.

Hi @arno.overgaauw

To double check, are you looking for one of the following documentations?

Hi @dragos,

I was aware of these endpoints but it would mean an additional call to Okta (besides possible ways of caching).

The use case I have is: users need to be able to run api calls on servers that are headless and there can’t be user interaction when the scripts run. I am looking at a possible scenario of having 1 client per user and I am exploring how I can set a custom property of a client with the username of the user.
Do you know if this is possible without making another call to Okta to find out what user is linked to an application?