Get Started with Spring Boot and SAML

Spring is a long-time friend to enterprise companies throughout the world. When Spring Boot came along in 2014, it greatly simplified configuring a Spring application. This led to widespread adoption and continued investment in related Spring projects.

One of my favorite Spring projects is Spring Security. In most cases, it simplifies web security to just a few lines of code. HTTP Basic, JDBC, JWT, OpenID Connect/OAuth 2.0, you name it—Spring Security does it!

You might notice I didn’t mention SAML as an authentication type. That’s because I don’t recommend it. The specification for SAML 2.0 was published in March 2005, before smartphones or smart devices even existed. OpenID Connect (OIDC) is much easier for developers to use and understand. Using SAML in 2022 is like implementing a web service using WS-* instead of REST.

My recommendation: just use OIDC.

If you must use SAML with Spring Boot, this tutorial should make it quick and easy.

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i am not group as Everyone but not getting ROLE_ADMIN ROLES_USER in all your attributes

Hello @sarran,

Are you trying to configure your app to use Okta or Auth0? I ask because they each have different ways to configure group attributes.

Thanks for your reply but I fixed that thing