Getting access_token via API call

I set up OKTA with my application and it’s working fine… users can log in, I can parse and verify the token sent to BE, I can enrich the requests from the data encoded in the token (such as groups, uid, username, …) …

The only problem I have now is: “How do I retrieve the access token via nodejs call or Postman call?”

The reason, why I am asking this is for testing purposes. I need to run my unit tests, but they, of course, need to be authenticated first. So I gotta request the token to include it in the calls I am conducting during the test phase.

Same for Postman, I need to get the token first so I can query and test my endpoints before deployments …

I read several tutorials, primarily in the official documentation but I must be missing something - none of those worked :frowning:

Could you please refer me to a certain article where I can get that? it’s aggravating me … I know it’s something silly I am missing, but can’t figure it out :frowning:

Hi there! Which tutorials have you been following so far? Are you receiving any particular errors when you go to obtain an access token? Given the nature of the flow, it is a bit tricky as described in the following thread, but should be possible.