Getting AuthAPIError on Safari/Firefox only

Hi Forum,

We are receiving AuthAPIError in promise on Safari/Firefox browsers. It is working fine on Chrome. Please see the following screenshot:

Can anyone please help us why we are having this issue?

Can you provide a sample app we can reproduce this with? Maybe you can use one of our existing samples?

I really appreciate for your immediate response. As this is a company’s issue I think I cannot replicate the exact scenario. I can provide you the details of configuration we made and what we are actually implementing. Let me know if this works.

If you can tell me which SDK you’re using (e.g., Angular, React, Vue, or the Sign-In Widget) and some details, I can try. If I can’t reproduce the issue, it’s very difficult to tell what the problem might be. My initial guess is you don’t have 3rd party cookies turned on in Safari or Firefox.