Getting discovery_failed?

Hi, any idea what this means?
It happens on android 10, but not always.
PlatformException(discovery_failed, Error retrieving discovery document: [error: null, description: Network error], null, null).

The code:

Future reLoginAction(String storedRefreshToken) async {
return await synchronized(() async {
try { final TokenResponse? result = await _appAuth.token(TokenRequest( this.clientId, REDIRECT_URI, issuer: ‘https://${this.domain}/oauth2/***********’, //real string
discoveryUrl: OKTA_DISCOVERY_URL, refreshToken: storedRefreshToken, )); return result!;
} on Exception catch (e, s) {
logger.e(‘error on login’, e, s);
} throw Exception(“ReSign in issue”); }); }

Are you able to get a response if you make a request to the discovery endpoint manually, such as with curl or Postman?

Yes, also it works from the app too.
But I gave my app to some other users to tests and suddenly this issue pops up.
It happens from time to time, but most of the time this code works. (by the way if it fails, I open the okta site there is no real network issue).


@ItaI-Shalom does the behavior persist if the users clear cache/cookies in their browsers and retry?

How is it related to the browser?
It’s a silent login.