Getting Page not Found with Oauth2.0

Hi team,

I am trying to configure Okta with Oauth2.0 but getting page not found error after submitting the request. All I am expecting is an accesToken


  1. Created a web app in okta.
  2. authorization server: [ ]
  3. clieny id:0oa75jhq92XrUJ1w3695

After executing the requests with above details, I am getting page not found error.

Can you please help me how to proceed here?

Maybe you need

However I’m no expert, I just spent a month getting a simple okta auth working !!

Whats the exact API call you are making? @islwyn10 is right, you should be making a request to the /authorize (and/or /token) endpoint to receive tokens.

If you haven’t already, I recommend looking through our guides about how to implement each of the OAuth flows:
Auth Code flow
Auth Code flow w/PKCE (public apps)
Implicit flow (not recommended, less secure than the above two)
Client Credentials flow (service/machine-to-machine apps)