Group attribute entitlements not being returned in API call

Hello, I am not a developer, am a client delivery support person. We have a custom cloud app, which is integrated with Okta to pull data from Okta to our app. We consume the 3 group type (applications, app groups, Okta groups) attributes and all the related entitlements/groups for a customer - and then consume the users and group assignments so we can show them a picture of all the user permissions in okta. The customer has implemented a few new groups and these are not being received by our App in the API call to Okta. We received the new Application attribute created, but not the related groups entitlements in either app_groups or okta_groups. We can see other new entitlements created since our last sync call being returned, just not the few specific ones being identified. Wondering if there is some setting on the group entitlements themselves in Okta to “make available via API” or something, and if not, has anyone else experienced this in the past. Our API does not have a filter feature, it’s an all or nothing call to return everything. Hope that is a clear question, thanks in advance for any thoughts. Scott

Hard to tell w/o a knowledge of the application. Might be that it was configured only for specific set of groups, or that the API Token you are using is constrained to a specific set of groups.

Sorry, it’s better to ask the developer of your app