Group claims in Okta creating duplicates?

I’m currently trying to pull a list of groups a user is a member of in Okta with my id_token. I’m developing on dotnet core and when I log in and check my user claims, I have

{groups: “Store1”},
{groups: “Store2”},
{groups: “Store3”}

{groups: "[“Store1”, “Store2”, “Store3”]

Is there a way to either just get the list of groups as {groups:“Store1”} etc instead of the combined list? I noticed that the issuer of the singular items is the authorization server and the combine is OpenIdConnect.

@kbwnw Hi, can you please send a screenshot for what return you have in the code now? Also, what is the expected format you would like. Actually, you can try to convert the return format or extract the item you need from the JSON object.