Group Schema API Not Working As Documented

Folks trying to follow the documentation (here: Schemas | Okta Developer) for working with group schema isn’t working. I’ve tried a few other of your APIs and have not had any issues.

My API key was generated by user with super admin privileges.

Endpoint: {my okta domain}


  "errorCode": "E0000015",
  "errorSummary": "You do not have permission to access the feature you are requesting",
  "errorLink": "E0000015",
  "errorId": "oaeXEZYbRtxS0ykFAAmFR86AA",
  "errorCauses": []

My account is a a developer account.

Your help is much appreciated.

It looks like your org is missing the required EA feature that allows you to view and update group schemas.

Please reach out via a support case to have this enabled.