handleLoginRedirect redirects to redirectURI insted of the opened bookmarked page

Situation: I have bookmarked a page from my site suppose “http://localhost:3000/#/ADMINUSER/7B73A5F28B664974B1F5081B6423BCA3/Navigation.Input.20000Cum14perio” and now i have not used the site for so long but the second day i access this URL it asks me to login which is correct but it redirects to the http://localhost:3000 and not the url that i pressed. Internally the url is changed to http://localhost:3000 which is incorrect.
Any resolution for this?
Code :

await this.oktaService.handleLoginRedirect().then(
async res => {
if (res != null ) {
this.oktaConfigService.clientId = this.configService.applicationId;
this.oktaConfigService.issuer = this.configService.instance;
this.oktaConfigService.redirectUri = this.configService.redirectUri;
var value = await this.authService.isLoggedIn();

    if (value === false) {
      await this.oktaService.signInWithRedirect();

in authservice :
if (this.configService.authentication === ‘okta’)
return this.oktaService.isAuthenticated();