Handshake timeout

Hello all,

Our application is facing some handshake timeout using okta-spring-boot-starter lib.
“The connection observed an error
io.netty.handler.ssl.SslHandshakeTimeoutException: handshake timed out after 10000ms”

We tried to override react.netty settings but not working.
Can you please suggest a way to increase this timeout?


Hello @gustavo.teixeira,

You should be able to modify the connection timeout setting using the Java Configuration Settings as described here: GitHub - okta/okta-sdk-java: Java SDK for Okta Resource Management in this location within the Starter: okta-spring-boot/sdk/src/main/java/com/okta/spring/boot/sdk/OktaSdkConfig.java at 3f141e832f7941319f5e41295f1f69c6640c85d2 · okta/okta-spring-boot · GitHub

If this does not help and you have ReactorNetty overridden in your settings we may need some more logs from your app to assist with this to further assist with this issue.

hii…To resolve the issue, adjust the relevant properties in your application’s configuration related to connection or SSL handshake timeouts. See documentation for specific configuration options.