Help with Invalid code_challenge_method

I would like to know the possibilities of receiving this error
Invalid code_challenge_method

i was checking the code and it looks like when it doesn’t find the hash code used , it throws the error
if (methods.indexOf(tokenParams.codeChallengeMethod) === -1) {
throw new AuthSdkError(‘Invalid code_challenge_method’);

But am not sure, can anyone confirm please

Take a look here:

code_challenge_method should be S256. Any chance you’re trying to hash with a different algorithm?

EDIT: fixed link

Don’t think so. Can the hash algorithm be customized?
Will that error only come when hash used is different?

I’m not sure to be honest. Can you check your network tab and paste the query parameters of your /authorize call?

This was just one time error that i got, but after that i was not able to replicate.
So don’t really have query parameters. thank you

Is it possible that earlier it was using different hash algorithm and now recently it changed to S256 or it was always S256?

Code challenge parameter if PKCE flow has to be initiated. code_challenge_method . Optional. The default value is plain. The value can be plain or S256.

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Thanks for sharing this information. It was very useful.