Hosted Sign In redirecting to 404

I am using an “inappbrowser” Ionic plugin in an iOS app to access the Okta hosted sign in page for my Okta application. This application is set to Implict grant allowing an ID Token, and send the ID Token directly to app (Okta Simplified). This is the only way I could get any token delivered back to the inappbrowser that enabled access to the token from the main app.

Everything was working fine until yesterday. The hosted sign in page began redirecting to another Okta hosted page upon successful authentication and that page produced a 404. No longer was the redirect happening that posted straight to the app. Since then, I can now successfully, authenticate in a normal browser, and be redirected to the configured postback page as before, but the inappbrowser still redirects to a 404 page at Okta.

I’m at a loss, everything was working, nothing on my end has changed. The Okta application is refusing to redirect back to the configured url, and I can’t figure out why. I thought it might have something to do with a “remembered” device, so I cleared all my devices and created a brand new one. when accessing the hosted Sign In page, I did receive the “this looks like the first time you are connecting from this device” message, but still was redirected to a 404 page once authenticated.

Again, when running this process in a normal browser, everything appears to be working correctly.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I created a new okta application; configured exactly the same, and it started working.
Can anyone shed some light on this?