How an application request scopes (on behalf of a user) defined in multiple custom authorization servers?

If you login to an application to get an access token in a user identity context i.e. not client credentials grant, can the application access multiple custom authorization servers on the same Okta tenant instant? or should an application only use a single custom authorization server for an Okta tenant (in user identity context)?

For Example, We have two API Products, and scopes for those APIs are defined in different custom Authorization servers.

Scopes: im.contacts.readwrite im.contacts.private

How can an application request an access token (on user behalf) for scopes when users login if they are defined in different custom authorization servers?


According to Okta documentation, we should create one custom authorization server per API product.

"Assign one authorization server per API Product. Doing so allows teams to maintain separate authorization policies and token expiration times while eliminating scope name collisions. "

Okta documentation:

However, if you follow this practice for each API product then what will happen if the client application is a Mobile App and the mobile app needs to call three APIs (in user context)? How will you get three access tokens in the user context? How will you show the consent screen to user from multiple authorization servers (as part of the OIDC/OAuth.20 PKCE flow)?