How can I build the "redirect"?

I am just starting out here so please excuse the lack of knowledge. I have a landing page built with Wordpress/Elementor for a AWS hosted regular old webapp. On it I have a button “Log into system”. I’d like to send the user to the Okta hosted sign in page for me. Once authenticated I will sent the user to my app via app url.The only example I have found uses curl to build the string. I have tried filling in with my own data but I get an error of some sort. Is there some tool up here that will help me built the query string? Once I have this build I plan to insert the string directly into my Elementor landing page. Am I on the right track?

Hello! Because the /authorize URL must be redirected to, the simplest way to set it up is with an anchor tag:

<a href="">Login</a>

Does that work for your use case?

Thanks for the quick response. My landing page already has a button. This function gets called when a user clicks on it:

function myFunction() {"", "_blank");

I want to change this to popup the Okta hosted login widget when a user clicks on the button. I realize that I need to replace some of the fields in “…”. But I was hoping there was some tool I could use to build that URL path? I tried building it by hand and it didn’t work.

The documentation on the link below should help in constructing the authorize API request:

Implicit Flow:
Implement authorization by grant type | Okta Developer

Auth Code Flow:
Implement authorization by grant type | Okta Developer