How do i change the messaging for user who hasn't registered on the platform and try to login by social login?

I am using Okta sign in widget and I have disabled user creation from Okta dashboard if a user uses social login. I disabled this by navigating to

security > Identity Providers > in google > under actions > configure identity provider > under Authentication Settings > If no match is found > opted for Redirect to Okta sign-in page

Now the flow is working as expected. But when i try to login using a new account it throws me a error message saying User creation was disabled.

I want the messaging to rather say User isn’t registered. How can i achieve this?

As this error is being returned by the API and isn’t hard-coded into the widget itself, you can look to use afterRender (which will ensure that the Widget has fully rendered onto the page) and then modify the DOM when that error message appears so it says something different.

Note that this is only possible with either a self-hosted widget or the custom Okta-hosted widget (aka, you need a custom domain configured in Okta)

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That works, Thank you!

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