How do I create an OpenIdConnectApplication using private_key_jwt with java sdk?

I’m attempting to create an Application that uses private_key_jwt with the java sdk but I cannot figure out how to add the JsonWebKeys to the application. Here is what I have so far.



@youngm Hi, here is the overview for JWT Overview | Okta Developer.
For your specific issue, you can refer the instructions in the below link. There is Java example.
Build a JWT With a Private Key | Okta Developer

Thanks for the link. But, I don’t think that is what I’m looking for. I’m trying to create a new OAuth Client Application using the Okta java SDK. I cannot figure out how to create an instance of “JsonWebKeyList” so I can put it in the “OpenIdConnectApplicationSettingsClientKeys” class so I can then invoke client.createApplication() to create my application with the SDK. I can figure out how to create the key, I’m just not sure how to use it in the SDK to create an application. Does that make sense?

@VascoOliveira For this specific function, you can open a new issue with your code snippets under java sdk. Issues · okta/okta-sdk-java · GitHub

Thanks. Issue created here: Cannot figure out how to create an instance of JsonWebKeyList when creating an OpenIDConnectApplication using private_key_jwt. · Issue #566 · okta/okta-sdk-java · GitHub