How to achieve signInWithRedirect(options) in RN?


The signInWithRedirect(options) function is a web browser only function according to the docs.
We have a RN app where we want to allow users to login with a social-login button e.g “login with Facebook” on a custom sign-in page (no browser).

I understand that signInWithRedirect(options) is a way of achieving this but this function is not exposed in the RN Okta library.

Can you please shed some light on how we would achieve social-login on a RN custom sign-in page please?

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Take a look at the signInWithBrowser method for the React Native SDK to have the login occur via a browser redirect.

Thanks @andrea that looks like it would resolve my issue as you can pass in a idp id. I just need to configure a redirect_uri and it should all work. Many thanks!

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