How to authenticate a user using cached credentials?

I’ve got the Okta Identity Engine working with my Android application, but the documentation is severally lacking. The sample (okta-idx-android) shows me how to walk through the InteractionFlow…which is roughly 1. Start InteractionFlow, 2. walk through remediations, 3. success (get token). Now that I’ve authenticated I believe I should be able to, on the next app start, check the access token to see if its still valid and if so use that to authenticate my user. But currently if I access the credentials at all and the access token has expired I can no longer start the InteractionFlow to re-authenticate. I get an error that says “java.lang.IllegalStateException: cookieJar was already accessed, and can’t be set.”. So what am I doing wrong? My scenario if the default scenario for a majority of mobile apps. The user logs in once and from then on we either use the access token, or use the refresh token if the access token has expired to continually re-authenticate the user. No Okta sample or documentation explains how to accomplish this. So how can I do this?

Thank you for the detailed response, this is a huge help and why the Internet for all it’s faults is an incredible thing