How to compile/build/package okta-signin-widget?

So I downloaded that from github and trying to do some customizations. But if I do npm run-script build:release it or build:webpack-release it just fails, what is the command I should be using to make a distributable version which I can then use in my other packages ?

Nevermind. I figured out. The below are the steps

  1. npm run-script generate-config
  2. npm run-script build:release → for this to work in package.json we need to do a grunt build:release --force, ie need to add a ‘–force’ option in package.json or else it complains of being unable to do a clean
  3. npm run-script build:webpack-release
  4. mv target/js dist/

Now the “dist” is what is required for this module to be used in another module. So what I did is I committed the dist folder with the okta-signin-widget repo and then from my other module I just do an npm install --save

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