How to create okta_app_oauth with public/private key

I’m trying to use Terraform and the Okta provider to create an application (okta_app_oauth) that has a public/private key rather than client secret. What arguments do I need to supply Terraform to have the public/private key generated automatically?

Here is an example that creates an app with a client id/client secret:

resource "okta_app_oauth" "test_app" {
  label          = "testAcc_replace_with_uuid"
  type           = "service"
  grant_types    = ["client_credentials"]

To start, you’ll need to set the token_endpoint_auth_method to private_key_jwt. You’ll also need to provided the public key as a JWK

Thanks for your reply! I thought there would be a way to generate both the public key and the private key rather than supplying one of them. I’ll try what you suggested.

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