How to enroll Okta Verify Push Factor

I’m looking through the Factors API docs and have successfully POCed enrolling a user for the SMS factor by providing a phone number. However, I’m also trying to enroll a user for the Okta Verify push factor, and I don’t think I quite understand the workflow. When I POST to the enroll endpoint I get a response that includes embed links. Should I then send one of the embed links to the user via email or SMS? Can anyone clarify how I should handle the next step in order to activate the factor? Thanks!

Hi @mmcnabb

To enroll in Okta Verify with push, you will need to take the _links.qrcode.href url, open it in a window and wait for the user to scan it. Once the QR code is scanned by Okta Verify, he will be automatically enrolled in it.

@dragos thanks for the reply! I’m attempting to build a process to set up factor enrollment for new users who have never signed in to Okta to enroll in SMS and possibly Okta Verify MFA. Is it supported or will it work to send them some sort of out of band message to a mobile phone or verified email address to initiate the process?

Ultimately my goal is improve the process of new users claiming their accounts for the first time, and still having good user verification wrapped around this. Do you have any thoughts on how that might work, and if this is even a possibility? Thanks!

Hi @mmcnabb

It is supported, you will need to send the capture the MFA enrollment code from the user and then send them to Okta. In Okta Verify’s case, you will need to check if the user has scanned the code by checking if he has finished the enrollment (scanning the QR code is the last step).

You can find further steps about the MFA enrollment here.

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