How to find state?

Hello team,


in above example, what is “state=state-296bc9a0-a2a2-4a57-be1a-d0e2fd9bb601”?
how and where I can get this code? and is above syntax is correct to mention state parameter?

Can anyone please help?

Per the documentation, OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 API | Okta Developer, this is the description of the state parameter.

A value to be returned in the token. The client application can use it to remember the state of its interaction with the end user at the time of the authentication call. It can contain alphanumeric, comma, period, underscore, and hyphen characters.

Thank you for the reply, but how and where I can get this code?

It just needs to be a string which is restricted to those characters. You can generate one with a random string generator or UUID generator.

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