How to force the okta signin widget to display?

I have a basic question. I am using the Okta hosted sign-in widget. I need that widget to display everytime a user tries to login. How can I force Okta to display the widget every time to the user?


It depends on how users are accessing the Org,

  • If a user just browsers to your Okta Org URL and has a valid Okta session in the browser, they will automatically redirect to the dashboard or whichever app you have setup as the default.
  • If users are doing an /authorize into Okta for an OAuth application, then you could provide the option prompt=login which would force re-authentication even if they already have a valid session.
  • If users are coming in via a SAML Request and forceAuthN has bee supplied, Okta will display the login if the SAML app is configured to “Honor Force Authentication”