How to get a filtered list of users for an app

I’m trying to get a filtered list of users assigned to a specific app. By convention, this looks right:

But, I get a response of:
“errorCode”: “E0000031”,
“errorSummary”: “Invalid search criteria.”,
“errorLink”: “E0000031”,
“errorId”: “_”,
“errorCauses”: []

Is this possible? If not, is there an alternative that doesn’t require me to get a list of assigned users, and then individually loop through each to lookup their details for my filter?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Based on the documentation, they don’t use filter, but rather q

Yeah, sadly ‘q’ only searches across a specific set of properties - not the ones I need, and, I’d need it to be a specific property ;-). The OktaSDK indicates that there is a ‘filter’ parameter, but I know the docs don’t mention it. I’d hoped it was just a doc issue - given all other endpoints support the Odata-style filtering.