How to get access token, working algorithm

Hi all,

I’m new here and I need your help :slight_smile:

I’ve searched through docs and threads like Get an access token manually for testing and I can’t get access token.
I’ve tried to construct the following uri and use browser:<my_client_id>&response_type=token&response_mode=fragment&
My flask app is required to be running, but I get bad request errors anyway.

So, looks like access token connected to particular app that I’ve created, like client id/secret? So, it’s not kind of general password to account?
And what are the real working steps to get access token?

  1. curl <some_url> -d <some_payload>
  2. curl <some_another_url> -d <some_another_payload>

I tried to use debugging redirect uri and run again with browser:

but it fails with the following error:

Hi @Master_Sergius, you will need to go to the “Okta API Scopes” tab and allow your app to be granted the scope that you are trying to request (

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Holy Moly! That worked, finally after many hours of googling and trying! Why it is so complicated and not obvious? Is there any working guide on okta site?

You can find guides on, here is an guide walking through how to use OAuth Bearer tokens for Okta’s APIs

Thank you. Btw, it turned out this access token which I got is not signed with JWK, why?

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