How to get token of the ShareFile with Okta credentails

Hi all,
I have added the ShareFile application to the Okta and configured SAML 2.0 for ShareFile.
Now I want to use the Okta credentials to get the token of the ShareFile using culr/Postman.

I have read the document here Okta Help Center (Lightning), but It seems like that the ShareFile does not support OIDC.

Anyone could help or let me know is it possible? Thanks!

What token are you trying to retrieve and why?

I want to retrieve the access_token of the ShareFile. I have an application and using Okta for SSO. I need this steps to retrieve access token to integrate API of ShareFile without a separate login (using ShareFile account)

Unless this is a service app, the application must support OIDC in order to get an access token.

ShareFile is a service app Thank you @erin.p

If you follow the instructions for the Client Credentials flow, it will show you how to exchange client credentials for an access token