How to implement OKTA in a .Net MVC application to replace Active Directory functionalities


We have an existing .Net MVC application which is using Active Directory for user authentication. We have to replace all the Active Directory functionalities with OKTA. The current application already has its own login and registration modules. And user will have to answer some eligibility questions after which they will be either allowed to register or denied. Also the entered information has to be validated in SAP (via a SAP SOAP web service) before allowing the user to register or login. We are unsure how to replace this current login and register functionalities with okta. I am completely new to okta and getting confused with the different approaches i am seeing in google. Any help here is much appreciated!

I recommend using our .net sample to get started and then configure the application sign-on policy for the client to use security questions. You’d likely also need to configure a profile enrollment policy/progressive enrollment depending on the type of eligibility data to collect at the point of registration.