How to integrate multiple applications under single sign-on in OKTA

We are planning to build an application, which will showcase multiple product application. Once a user signs up in the parent application, depending upon his needs, user can choose one or more applications for himself.

One very similar example is atlassian (parent app). where user can sign up in atlassian and choose Jira, confluence ( product application) etc.

User can switch to any products without hassles of further sign in. We are planning to build the parent application in react.js.
Also, backend which will be build using Node.js will be authenticated using OKTA for every API call from the frontend application.

Could you please guide me on which OKTA components are required? What are the indicative costs to use? If there is any documentation or similar things will be available to achieve our goal.

Thanks in advance


It depends on SSO method you gonna use. SAML is packed into basics, for OIDC you’d need API Access Management pack (but double-check with Okta reps)

Thank you @phi1ipp, Could you point me to any documentation/tutorial for SAML / OIDC integration to start my journey.
I seriously think, OKTA team should release some videos about each of these integrations.

They have a lot of posts on their blog series and developer site. Just google for the language/framework you work with, like “okta SAML c# integration” or “java”, or whatever :slight_smile:

You may want to take a look at our Guides over here, which walks you through some of the steps involved in your integration.

If you’re not familiar with OIDC and SAML, we also have some articles and various resources that cover this as well.

OAuth/OpenID Connect

SAML: note that we have more robust documentation and guides for OAuth/OpenID Connect.

If you’re looking for videos, our Evangelism team has regular live streams about these kinds of topics. You can see when they have upcoming events or check out previous streams and other videos by OktaDev on Youtube.

Thank you @andreaskouras, for a newbie like me, this is really helpful. Thanks a lot.

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