How to integrate Spring MVC mvaen project with OKTA

Hi friends, I am realy new to the OKTA and also to spring. I have created a sample SpringMVC [ not using SpringBoot] project with Maven, and its working properly. Now I want to integrate OKTA with my project.
So somebody help me out step by step. Dont think I am familiar with Spring Security, I am new.


We love Spring here at Okta! Here’s an example application that might help you:

If you do decide to use Spring Boot, we have a few tutorials too:

Hope this helps,


Its very happy to see your reply, and its very useful for me because I am working with angularjs.
But I am looking for a maven project to integrate with OKTA, I could not find any references on how to do the same with Maven. Could you please. Thanks in advance.


As you mentioned I have followed steps mentioned in Get Started with Spring Boot, SAML, and Okta as it is. But when I am running , it shows like this.

Any thoughts pls.


Can you try cloning (or downloading) the project from GitHub and following the steps in the README to get it running?