How to remove Okta permission content with OktaOidc in iOS

Hi Team,

We are using OktaOidc framework for iOS. When login screen is launched it always ask for a user consent that “App would like to use”. Can someone guide on how to disable this consent.

This is a system level prompt, as discussed in this Github Issue, that will always be encountered if the application redirects the user to Okta.

If you’d like to avoid your users seeing this prompt, you can look into implementing a self hosted login solution (see our sample app as a reference). In my tests, users were not shown this prompt when doing so.

You may also find that users will again see this prompt upon logout, because the signOutOfOkta method also involves a browser redirect (in this case to the OIDC /logout endpoint). For logout, you can replace this logic to simply remove (and potentially revoke) the users tokens from the application, such as in this guide: Sign users out of your app