How to set User's Password Expiry Date time in Okta

I have a requirement where we are migrating Users from one system (LDAP) to Okta with all user details + passwords.
In our existing system (LDAP), we have the user’s password expiry date that also we have to migrate when moving the user to Okta.
The challenge is we don’t know how to set the User’s Password expiry date by invoking Okta APIs or using Okta Workflows.
I tried Update User Okta API, in this, I have passed ‘passwordChanged’ with timestamp value in the body but it did not work. By anyhow can we update the ‘passwordChanged’ attribute for the user’s Password Last Changed date.

Please help here to achieve this use case.


For this question you might want to post it to Lifecycle Management here,

I am fairly sure this can’t be done and imported passwords will behave as new passwords and pickup the password age based off of the password policy the user will be part of.

But there may be a way I am unaware of.

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