How to share log-in session from my android native app to my web application?

I have created an android mobile native app as a Staff Portal which contains multiple embedded links for users to access. Those embed links are some web application links. The expected behavior is when the user sign-in the mobile app, and a session is initiated. Then when the user clicks on the embed link from the app, the web application will be open but without a sign-in prompt again. For the current situation, the user is required to sign in again for the new browser tab. Thanks for any help!

You can share a session by setting up the Okta session cookie to be persistent, see here.
This assumes that when a user logs into the first native application it is launching a browser to do the authentication and not doing it natively.
In the case of Native SSO, you can use Native SSO /Token Exchange Flow.

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hi @erik thanks for your response. but how about webview? since my user mobile phone currently have no compatible browser (all browser dont support Chrome Custom Tab). can i implement the flow like login with webview, then open application also with webview so the session will be stored and shared?

Hi @Lilian1331 were you able to implement this? I’m also trying to do so…

@Lilian1331 Hi, did you figure out how to share the session from mobile app to webview?? I just post a same question… too. If you know that, please share with me~ Thanks!