How to use different brand configuration on mobile apps

Hi everyone,
my company has defined two different brands within the okta configuration for two different applications that share the authentication system.

Web side (angular) there are no problems, when instantiating the Sign-In widget in the login masks, the domain of one or the other brand is set and all customizations are displayed correctly.

On the other hand, on the mobile side (ionic) there seems to be no way to use the defined brands because upon login, although the brand urls are set, the standard domain page of our okta account is opened thus losing all customizations.

Has anyone had the same need and managed to use two or more different brands?

How have you configured your application to point to Okta?

I would expect the same sort of configuration to work for your web app or your mobile app: if the issuer for the app uses the appropriate custom domain AND said authorization server or app is configured to support using a custom domain, the user will be logged in through the same custom domain instead of the default * domainm