How to use KentorIT AuthServices with Okta

How to use KentorIT AuthServices with Okta

Learn how to configure an ASP.NET application with KentorIT’s AuthServices and Okta.

Rocky Desai

I have a custom httpmodule which reads HTTPContext.Current and uses the User retreieved from that for setting up Principal objects to be used by Application.
I can replace HTTPContext.Current with the updated claims token that we receive as part of OKTA, however how do i make sure that my custom httpmodule is invoked post KENTOR.AUTHSERVICES implementation for OKTA.

Matt Raible

Hello Rocky,

Can you please post this question to our Developer Forums? It’ll likely get more eyeballs on it there and someone might be able to answer it for you.



Steve Rogers

Has anyone got this working lately?

The link to… now takes you to…

I tried to get this working for both…
And I got both working using its own IdP…

However, I really want to have these web applications authenticating against SAML2 with OKTA as the IdP
- after a few days struggling I eventually stumbled upon this page. And was filled with renewed hope.

But, following the instructions here and tweaking the config
(and changing the port and removing /SamplePath in the Projects Web properties)

<sustainsys.saml2 entityid=“https://localhost:44335/AuthServices/Acs” returnurl=“https://localhost:44335/AuthServices/” authenticaterequestsigningbehavior=“Never”>
<nameidpolicy allowcreate=“true” format=“Persistent”/>
<add entityid=“…” signonurl=“” allowunsolicitedauthnresponse=“true” binding=“HttpRedirect” wantauthnrequestssigned=“true”>
<signingcertificate filename="~/App_Data/okta.cert"/>

The web application runs, but when I try to Sign in, I get a 404 The resource cannot be found.
Requested URL: /AuthServices/Acs

I have looked at the SustainSys code and cannot see where the AuthServices an AuthServices/Acs endpoints are defined.
- So perhaps this has been removed by SustainSys after they changed from being Kentor and this page has never been updated.

Any help on this would be gratefully received.

Fundamentally, I am trying to get a simple webform page to authenticate against OKTA using SAML 2.
- ideally using SustainSys
- or failing that another 3rd party package (I am also looking at ITfoxtec)

Nick Gamb

Hi Steve,

I had similar issues with SustainSys. I do remember getting it to work but it was not as convenient as I would have liked. On the other hand, ITfoxtec works really well and I even wrote a blog on it recently…. The blog is not webform but it should work in a similar way so it might help. To give more guidance on SustainSys I would need to dig into it.