I dont see OAuth2.0 with grant_type password now in OKTA

Hi Team
In Okta, If i want to use grant_type ‘password’ then i have to use OpenID Connect.
I don’t see to setup OAUTH2.0 with grant_type ‘password’ .
OKTA support OAUTH2.0 only for grant_type ‘client_credentials’

Is it possible to use OAUTH2.0 with grant_type ‘password’ in OKTA?

Manjit Kumar


You should be able to just create an OIDC app and use an OAuth 2.0 lib to make your connection.


I’d recommend against dealing with passwords directly when possible (and use a different oauth flow), but that is up to you and your use case.

Let us know how you make out!

Is this option removed? I followed the documentation and it appears the option doesn’t exist.

Edit: I found it now, it only exists if your app is native, and not web. Can someone explain why that is?