I18n Customization for Okta Sign In Widget

I have a few questions regarding the i18n customization for the sign in widget. Please help.

1.Can I show the password requirement as a bullet list (or on new lines) instead of a single line text? I tried ‘password.complexity.list.element’: ‘< b r > {0}’, but did not work.

  1. Can i default the country code for phones to be Japan instead of USA? I tried these, but did not work
    // ‘mfa.country’: “JP”,
    // ‘country.label’: ‘Japan’,
    // ‘country.option.label’: ‘JP (81)’,

  2. Can I allow the user to set more than one MFA? currently if I set the first MFA, it completes user registration. I want to give them the option to select multiple MFA, if needed.

Below answers are based on Okta Classic functionality, I’m not positive if the same options hold true in OIE, so your mileage may vary

  1. There’s a sort of hidden widget features you can enable in the widget to display these as a bulleted list: showPasswordRequirementsAsHtmlList. Note that the i18n keys are different when its an HTML list vs a paragraph, see login.properties for reference
  2. I don’t think thats going to work from i18n. You might want to try some custom code to select the option automatically (make sure you use afterRender to trigger your logic, so that the widget finishes loading the view before you try to alter it)
  3. Another feature for this one, multiOptionalFactorEnroll

Thank you so much! it worked…

for #2, i was able to achieve this by setting - defaultCountryCode: ‘JP’,

for #3, i was able to achieve this by “multiOptionalFactorEnroll:true”

Thanks again…

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