Id Token with Frontend and Backend

Hello, I have JS Pure (React) app with Symfony backend (API). I need to sign in users in APP with Okta.
React is issuing Id Token and sends that token to API - API validates it and - if valid => registers the user and issues it’s own JWT for Authenticating further requests. The issue I have is the following error from PHP’s Okta Verifier.

Nonce does not match what is expected. Make sure to provide the nonce with \n setNonce() from the JwtVerifierBuilder.

I don’t see any way to disable nonce claim. So anyway I pass nonce from JS. But still…

"Notice: Undefined index: cid",
       "function": "validateClientId",
       "file": "/var/www/html/vendor/okta/jwt-verifier/src/JwtVerifier.php",
       "line": 100,

Where am I mistaken? Is this the correct way to use id Token? I just need user info.