Identity Server 4 Okta as External Provider

Hello we have an application that we uses IdentityServer 4 and would like to allow Okta as an external provider for the application. we are getting to Okta page and we are able to login. However, when we get our response back we it returns AuthenticationResult.NoResult(), but in the user logs It shows that the access success granted and OAuth2 access was granted.

I researched MSDN Documentation and found that there was no information returned for this authentication scheme.

Can someone please explain or send documention on how to return the correct authentication schema

Okta was actually setting the cookie correctly, the issue was this code.

var result = await HttpContext.AuthenticateAsync(IdentityServerConstants.ExternalCookieAuthenticationScheme);

which should have been:

var result = await HttpContext.AuthenticateAsync("okta");

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