IDP MyAccount and 15 minutes


I have a problem with the API. IO am using the endpoint idp/myaccount to manage the profile, phones and emails.

In the docs, it says that the token must be under 15 minutes old.
Is there a way to “bypass” this rules ? Or “refresh” the auth_time without asking the user to reenter credentials ?

Thank you ! :smiley:

Hi @Maiko. MyAccount operations that create, update, or delete resources require Access Tokens up to 15 minutes old. API calls with Access Tokens older than 15 minutes require re-authentication.


Hi, thanks for the reply @louie :smiley:
I have an another issue and don’t know where it can come frome :
When I logout and try to login, it goes directly on my app and not on the signin widget :confused:
Is it a problem from Cookie ? Cache ?

Thank you ! :smiley:

Thank you for your response, but… there is any setting in Admin Console Okta to increase this duration ?

Hi @Maiko. Are you using the Okta-hosted widget or an embedded widget in your application?

Hi @jean.still. There is not any setting within the Admin Console to change this duration.

Hi, im using an embedded widget

@Maiko Is it behaving as though the user is still logged in, or is the widget just not rendering?