Implement OKTA Single Sign On for web application

Hi, i’m new in okta, and i need to implement the SSO through OKTA to a partner

the partner has a Corporate okta app and it’s create a new OKTA app for my app

so my question is how to get the token, or the user connected once i click on my app icon on the

***** from the client Side ( Javascript) or server side.

my app is written in JSP

thank you!

Hi @jchidiac! If I understand correctly the partner has already created an OIDC App with a client id associated with your web app? Also, we have some examples here on how to implement SSO for web apps.

Thank you @sigama for your reply,

i tried ti implement OktaSignIn on the javascript level, but i’m not sure if it’s the best way to do,

if the OktaSignIn consists to check if the User is already connected to OKTA, and if it’s ok it will redirect to my app

is SSO can be front end Side , meaning checking if the token exists and if not display the OKTA login widget.

i had a problem with implementation this, as my client push the users from the CORP OKTA app to the one created to my app, and no passwords assigned for users assigned to my app.

so when login through OKTA widget i got : cannot sign in.

any implementation can you suggest ?