Implementing Okta OpenID auth in Django using django-openid-auth middleware

Trying to implement a simple test SSO application using Python 2.7, Django 1.10 and django-openid-auth middleware

So I add django_open_id_auth to INSTALLED_APPS, add 'django_openid_auth.auth.OpenIDBackend’ to AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS, OPENID_CREATE_USERS as True, OPENID_UPDATE_DETAILS_FROM_SREG as True in

Considering I have access as sandbox admin what should I set as the LOGIN_URL and LOGIN_REDIRECT URL such that I can send in the username/password as entered by the user in the login screen (our own - not Okta’s) and have it authenticated and get user details back. Is the pattern below correct? “xxx” willsubstituted by the appropriate value

LOGIN_URL = '/oauth2/v1/authorize?client_id=<client id>&response_type=id_token&scope=openid'

This does not seem to authenticate the user when I enter my credentials setup in okta, Am I doing the setup right? is there a working example of using django_openid_auth with Okta?

the URL is not correct. you should remove the “-admin”