Implementing Singe Sign In using Nopcommerce with entityframework 4.6.1

I am Implementing Okta login Using Nopcommerce version 4.0.0 with entity-framework 4.6.1

using the given Link refer after all steps performed
I got the issue of newton JSON .dll not found
after I have tried to install Nuget package of that JSON file then issue occur for JSON version Issue,
Because some of JSON is a dependency on the Nuget package of Okta.AspNet that version and other version issues.

I have tried with OKTA Okta.AspNetCore Nuget package for the same, But I have Core version 2.0.0 and in this some of the dependency reference support more than 2.10 core version

Also, download multiple sample demo supported for MVC only , but in that also issue occurs
so is any other way that I can use for Authentication in my working Project

If someone faces the same issue so can you reply or support for the same

Thanks in Advance