Inconsistency of custom attributes in api responses

In the Profile Editor mappings, I created a mapping for the attribute A1 from Okta to attribute A2 in App, A1 != A2. However, /userinfo endpoint returns A2, while api/v1/users/{user_id} with SSWS token returns A1, how can I resolve this inconsistency?


/userinfo returns a users attribute from that specific OIDC application (access_token) user profile.
/users/<id> returns the users Okta user profile.

If you are mapping from Okta user Profile to their application user profile the values should be the same. The only time this might not be the case is if the users application profile is being overridden. or if a user is JIT created from an external IdP and the first time they login the mapping from Okta user to application user profile has not taken place yet.
Do you have multiple profile sources / etc?

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