Introspect api always return "active" false for validating access token

Using postman to generate token using {{url}}/oauth2/default/v1/token api with grant_type “password” and scope “openid”. After successfully generating the token, I am calling {{url}}/oauth2/v1/introspect api to validate the access token.

When I manually validate the token using the okta-jwt-verifier, it seems to be ok but calling the API always returns “active” : false. Please suggest.

I’m pretty sure that introspect is for idTokens and not accessTokens.

According to okta documentation, token can be access token, ID token, or refresh token.

It looks like you’re missing the /default/ for the introspection. You’re getting a token from your custom auth server, then trying to validate it against Okta’s general auth server which doesn’t recognize it.


Got it working after removing default from