/introspect is not working in spring boot application

I am trying to validate my id_token using introspect in my spring boot application. But it is giving unauthorized everytime.
This is a SPA application react as client side and spring boot as server side.
dependecy I used:


my application.properties:
security.oauth2.resource.userInfoUri= https://navi-2020.okta.com/oauth2/v1/introspect

Please help.
Thank you

Hello @Shubham6541,

Please don’t ask this question in three different places. We see them all and you just create more work for us to answer them in all the places.

See the response from @bdemers on GitHub. I’m going to delete your blog post comment because I don’t see the need to answer your question in three different places.



@mraible Sorry, for that. I didn’t knew that.
I am still facing the issue can you help with that, The respone on github blog is not working for me.

Thank you

The person you’re talking to on GitHub (Brian Demers) is on my team. I’d prefer to continue the conversation there.

Okay sure, Thank you.