IOS sdk does not return authorization code

I am trying to use the iOS sdk for the redirect method, and I get back an access token and refresh token just fine. For some reason our backend wrote their servers to require the authorization code. Is there anyway to extract the authorization code from the token returned from the sdk?


Can you provide the link to which Okta iOS SDK and Version you are using, there are a couple.
Also the configuration you are using.

Thank You,

Hey Erik! We are using the latest 1.3.0 from the spm. The use case, is that we are making a new native application, but are trying to make it work with the existing Okta application from the portal. On the portal, it is set up as a web application. I am still able to use the issuer, clientid and redirect URLs in the okta.plist to get the SDK webview to pop up. But after entering credentials the SDK says that the client ID is invalid. I’m guessing this is because the client secret was not provided. The web set up on the Okta portal requires the client secret.

Is it possible to use the SDK when the config in the portal is set up with client secret? Could I somehow put the client secret in the plist?