Is it possible to tack on parameters to the redirect URI?

We have an application that has URL parameters that are required for server side rendering. Normally post authentication on the redirect URI, we have a functionality where the redirect component is responsible for redirection back to the URL via the history API or something similar. However, this will be useless for the application’s SSR parameters.

This is what we want for example during redirection back to the redirect URI. Below, we want the ssrParam1 and ssrParam2 to be included in the URL parameters.

The redirect_uri should be static and Okta will do an EXACT string comparison of the redirect_uri provided in your /authorize request with the Login Redirect URIs you’ve allowed for the application in Okta, so dynamic urls/query params are not supported.

I found this SO thread that goes into this a bit further, and there’s also another post on the forum here that discusses it as well.

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Thanks for the help, this makes sense.

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