Is there a tutorial for this somewhere?

I’m trying to follow Sign users in to your web app using the redirect model | Okta Developer however:

  • I’m not using Flask, I’m using Litestar (
  • I’m 60% sure that I haven’t done the OTKA part correctly, as I’m getting a 400 error
  • I’m sure that I still need to work on the Python code, but the logs say everything is fine

The system logs, see attached, state that everything is working as expected.
Is there a tutorial that I can use to test my OKTA setup without running the Python code?
This would at least allow me to know if I have setup OKTA correctly for this type of setup and then I can work on the Python code.
I think that I remember seeing something somewhere on about being able to test OKTA out by trying a specific URL, but I can’t seem to find that again.

I’m getting this following error screen

But the logs show that everything is fine

hey @peteletkemanrakuten, I just responded to your other post as well, but to answer this one for you – we don’t have a sample applications that leverages Litestar, and unfortunately we don’t have any tutorials or guides. It may still be worth testing with our python-flask sample.

I’m not sure which testing url you’re referring to, but the oidcdugger tool might be helpful for testing purposes.

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I was able to resolve my issue

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