Is there a way to make Authenticated API calls to the Applications connected to My OKTA?

I’m using OKTA and have integrated a few applications. Lets say one of my application is Zendesk. I have a custom application where I login with my okta credentials. Here, Once I’m logged in, I have my Sessions for Okta saved and when I open Zendesk, It auto logs me in. Is there anyway to get the Zendesk Authentication tokens for my user once I login with okta? I have to make API calls to Zendesk using these Auth tokens (for my credentials). Please let me know if it’s possible and can be used with multiple applications. (or how can I extract the Auth token to make API calls for all the connected applications). If not, is there any other way to make the API calls to third party applications that are connected to my account?

I think you need to research what Zendesk requires to call its API, and if it’s available on your browser sessions, after you logged in as a user. Though it’s hackish approach from my perspective. Better to go a “normal” route and research regular ways of authorizing to Zendesk to use its API